Monday, February 9, 2009

Love Brand New

Older Love feels good because it can be settled, comforting and familiar. Although these are important factors, there is still something missing. The feeling of Love, Brand New.

When Love is new, there is no just is. You just love and it simply feels good. When does Love take a turn? When does it transition from brand new, into settled? How can you get brand new back, without changing Lovers?


  1. Hey Yoli! You's funny that you mentioned this because I read somewhere recently how important it is to pick a mate who you'll love once the 'romantic' love is over. I thought about doing a post on that. When you really think about it, couples who've been together for years always seem to say that their love has changed in one way or another. You made some great points to think about.

    On another note, I'd like to extend an open invitation to you for a guest post on my blog. You're an awesome woman :-).


  2. imma get scientific on you for a minute:

    we experience an intense biological experience when we fall in love where we take leave from our neocortex - the part of the brain that is capable of reason, reflection and intelligence - in order to bask in the pleasurable experience. so in many ways we're completely "high" when we first fall in love and often forget about what we really look for and/or want in a partner.

    this isn't to say it's impossible to build a loving, lasting relationship even if we committed ourselves to someone in that euphoric state. it just might take a little longer and a little more work than anticipated.

    creating a love brand new takes both partners refelction, passion and understanding to create. it may not depend so much on a change in the situation we're in but rather in having new eyes for the situation. a renewed commitment. but then, maybe it depends on exploring new lands as well. i think our gut will ultimately lead us down the path the fits us best.