Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Grass Is Greener...

at least in patches.

I guess it comes down to which patches of green are essential to each individual. Some lawns are vain, some are lush with creativity and some have green that is visibly fading because the caretaker was not taking care of home.

I have an array of green, but I tend to pour my heart into vibrant patches, rather than weeding where necessary and reviving my less than green areas (I'm working on it).

Ahhh...but where I lack in green, another may be as emerald as the Wizard's dwellings (LOL, yes I went there...dork).

I'm intrigued...initially.

In time their green seems to fade, the difference becomes too familiar.

Then the tendency to peek into another yard...even by accident, or curiousity...

the cycle continues UNTIL a decision is made -

Which patches of green are essential to the individual? Core patches? Exterior patches?

Yes, the grass may be greener, in patches, so be sure to take inventory of the whole yard!


  1. Yoli, your thought process is so much more sophisticated than mine. This speaks to me on many levels. You're something else, girlie!

  2. I think it’s important to remember too that those decisions that can and WILL be made (whether to jump into a new yard, whether to just observe or whether to test it out before any conclusions are drawn) are in turn determining what your own yard looks like. Fresh cut green or spotty brown patches? Which do you want for yourself?

    Obviously the answer to that is easier said than done….we all want to boast about our pretty green grass. And it’d no doubt be amazing to sample other yards that peak intrigue and curiosity. And I think we can, to an extent. But at the end of the day….I think the internal reflection of our own yard work and what it looks like now against what we want it to be….may just bring us one step closer to aligning to another’s patches the way the Earth may have originally intended.