Monday, January 26, 2009

Truth of the Matter...

When is it ok to be less than honest?

If it's an issue of truth vs. sparing someones feelings, is it ok to bend the truth?

Lying by this less offensive?

Is honesty always the best policy?

Do you always want the truth? Can you handle it?


  1. I recently learned the hurt being dishonest (or just the lack of telling the truth) creates. It taught me a lesson that you may think the truth hurts, but it hurts more not to know. Awww, girl, I've written a book on my site about my friend BJ who vanished on me...just because he didn't want to tell me the real deal. Such is life, but his loss definitely not mine.

  2. i've hesitated to comment on this post because in all honesty (no pun intended:) i don't really know how i feel about it. but here are some very humble opinions:

    circumstances. perhaps various circumstances call for 100 percent honesty while others do not. the question then becomes, because perceptions are always different (between people and even within ourselves) who is to determine which circumstance merit the full truth and which don't? in my, again very humble opinion, i think that circumstances that could determine the outcome of a relationship with another (friend, lover, family member, etc.) must always be faced with the full truth. this especially pertains to the relationship we have with ourselves (bringing back the whole concept of "two of us":) i believe that if we are not honest with ourselves...or feel we can't be honest with ourselves about something (anything really) that ultimately affects how truthful we are with the world around us. and not just in our verbal communication but simply in our "being."

    i suppose when we're faced with the question of whether or not to be honest about something, we must ask ourselves "will truth in this circumstance affect the outcome of this relationship?"