Monday, April 27, 2009

This Moment Feels So Good…

that I want to make it tangible
I want to hold on to this feeling
even after this moment has passed
I do not wish to think back
with only the gesture of a memory induced smile
I want to literally feel the energy then
as I can feel it now
No matter what the future holds for us
I want the option to go into my box of tangible things
Pushing aside the love letters and photographs
I want to retrieve this emotion...
a feeling I know will never be duplicated
could never be replicated
and is too complicated for time to capsule
I need this moment to be tangible
because I know forever is not

Saturday, April 25, 2009

All It Took Was a Simple Smile...

and my demeanor changed
I realized their intention was different than I perceived
as true intent stretched beautifully across their face

I went with it...
I fell captive to the simplicity of their smile
and smiled back

All it took was three simple words
then my wall came tumbling down
and I realized their feeling matched my own
as I said it back without hesitation

I was going with it...
I was eager to believe the simplicity of their words
and exposed my heart to their hands

Perhaps I should have said "handle with care"
because they did not

And all it took was a simple tear
to carry the weight of my hurt
as I caved back into memory of that simple smile
and those simple words

Thursday, April 16, 2009

She Reached For Me...

off the page
begging me to hear her story
and to let the tears fall as they may

I gave her my all...
line for line
listening to her heartache
scrambling to read in between
over and under
each word

Her story pulled me in so deep
that I became a character...
a fixture in the background
without a voice
because she just wanted me to feel
the truth of her matter

Page after page
I felt more transformation...
I became her

Her words found a home
deep in my bones
and thoughts raced through my mind
in her voice
Her story became my emotion...
I felt it with her

I read her
line for line
until we closed our eyes
and I promised to never let her go

I will never let her go...
Poetry N. Prose

Happy Poetry Month!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Inevitably, the Answer is Always...

although that holds no relevance in this moment
Right now
I do not care to hear that it will heal these wounds
or that I will feel better in...
Don't even say it
Why can't this one thing...
the healer of all things
act in a fashion of its own...
It comes too late when needed
and never lasts when wanted
Am I supposed to chase you
and beg for your comfort
give me time
Let me use you
as I render appropriate
And yes
I understand you are trying to teach me
making me linger in your abundance...
to reflect on the cause of my circumstance
but can we negotiate on your pace?
In this moment
I wish to answer for myself.