Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Am...

If only it were so simple…
Hues of color without
Streaming lines
without need of connection
with destination
I am.
If only you could see…
beyond fabricated teachings
Complication is beautiful
when left to shine in its
own light
or darkness
Question, rather
than cackle in assumption
I am.
Without choice…
it’s just so
and amazing when
left to bloom without
To roam among walls
that are not confined
to sameness
and still able to recognize
unspoken oneness
I am.
And the soul is more defining
than what you see…
more transparent than preference
Energy forced to be controlled
is stiffening
Selecting what to recognize
enables ignorance
Perpetual separation
against the grain
We are.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I Promised You Forever...

to love you beyond always
to be by your side for eternity
to be the shoulder that catches each of your tears
to be the laughter that compliments your humor
to share in your silence when words are not the answer
to accept and appreciate our differences
to be the calm when your heart is anxious
and to understand when others do not
and now I realize
I cannot promise you tomorrow
because it’s a promise that I am not
in power to even grant for myself
I will not give you false hope
of possible joy between us
lasting beyond today
because I cannot control your actions...
only mine
and my reactions to you
will not be planned before their time
I do not know
if my heart will carry the weight
of our future
or not
the only thing I can say...
with all honesty
is that I love you today
and this moment is ours