Monday, March 29, 2010

I Held My Hand Out...

to you
until it was numb
knowing you’d never come
to the senses
I chose…
so far from your own
It’s just memories
that blurred the present
and reminded me of all
that was beautiful
while my fingertips lingered
in empty air
wishing for some sign
of your presence

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Ritual...

began with the eyes
penetrating beauty
that spoke
like soft, sweeping winds
and embraced me strong…
kept me longing for
the next action…
the next motion…
the next breath…
immersed with intention
in intense silence
as love hovered
above, below and around us

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I cry for you...

and I don’t even know you
Can’t recall your voice
and have no memory of
your face
I am suddenly and
aware of your absence
Did you say goodbye?
Why did you choose to go?
Who were you…
before it all fell apart?
I have far too many questions
to count
and wouldn’t know what to do
with the answers
they were ever given
I don’t want to create an image
based on other’s perceptions…
I don’t want edited versions of the truth
sown empathetically as whole
I don’t want a picture painted
with contrived shades of you…
They do not know which colors
would have captured
who you should have been
to me
So I cry for you…
for the memories that have
escaped me
and those that
never reached us

Monday, January 25, 2010

My Arms Stretched Out...

like an infant
as my fingertips
painted thoughts
across the sky
and the earth
formed herself
perfectly around
my toes
leaving stains of herself
on the balls of my feet…
I left my mark in her
while her tears
cascaded like dew
beneath me…
She understood
and encouraged me
to continue with
my thoughts…
my feelings…
my fingertips
now dancing
in odd strokes
of white
against the
blushing blue
my laughter
and sadness
because there was room
for it all

Friday, January 15, 2010


Bearing water, Aquarius reigned alone
and the earth was still...
no day, or night
She poured recklessly
hoping her love would fall upon an understanding heart
and that her passion would be felt and reciprocated
One by one, she counted each drop
calculating how much of herself was being sacrificed
in search of Love

Analyzing each tear that mirrored her loneliness,
Virga caught each drop to prevent exposure...
not realizing she was also collecting the rain of Aquarius
As her hands filled with moisture, she drank...
ingesting her love unknowingly
Day after day, she grew stronger and her tears began to dry
but her hands continued to fill
To make sense of it all, Virga emerged through the clouds
and went straight to the source

No words were spoken as their energy caused a beautiful collision
Recognizing the strength of Aquarius
Virga knew she had to present herself with a touch of masculinity
and in that moment she transformed herself into Virgo
two hours, eleven minutes and two seconds
their signs became symbolic of the sun
and as love embodied them, Aquarius became Pisces and Virgo became Aquarius
birthing the moon and welcoming night
Yesterday became today and today will become tomorrow

Monday, January 4, 2010

One Piece Too Far...

from whole
while past conversations
too few and far in between
Even your scent
dances relentlessly
on my pillow
and there’s no promise
of one last

Without the excitement
of waves
calm and crashing
or romantic winds
caressing me
as I fall…
I want it all
even more

Close enough
to taste
but not mine enough
to touch
and all at the expense
of certainty

Free will
Has given a permission
that rivals fate
and smirks
in the eye of destiny…

All I have to do
is remain
to find joy in
partial numbness
or let go
of what I cannot have