Monday, October 26, 2009

Her 2009 Time Capsule...

was filled with ones and zeros
overflowing with acronyms
and action-less expressions
laughing out loud
without sound
rolling on the floor
without movement
and talking to you later
without doing so
Her capsule was filled
with technological socialization
friendships ended
at the touch of a button
and collected like figurines…
never removed from packaging
All that’s known
is a mood for the day
with nothing to say
in person
Phones in palms
selecting which parts of
their lives to comment on
without having to be a part of ones journey
Looking past the binary codes
and acronyms
she sorted through collected associates
and friends
not yet deleted
and dove whole heartedly
into the capsule…
dictionary in hand
so that the future would know
humans existed
with a vocabulary

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Have I Felt This Before...

Deja vu that lingers too long
I'm weak...
I'm strong...
I have to move on?
Self assessing
through love like interaction
unlike love
as defined by me?
Was it defined by you
and them?
Did I repeat myself?
Recycled emotion
with regurgitated description?
It felt good...
then it hurt...
and now I'm brand new?
New in the form of replication?
Love in minuscule upgrade...
101, 101.1, 101.2?
Do I need a tongue that is foreign...
eyes not yet open...
a heart whole and empty?
Reset me?
Did I say this already?
Purge these words
and mean them then
as I will later?
Go with the flow...
I'm open...
I'm closed?
Has my heart gone green?
These thoughts and feelings
just cycle and recycle...
Is love lacking luster?
I'm flustered
and back again

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love Discarded...

like it was weightless
but your action weighs heavy
in light of yourself
shady grey overcasts
your dangerous beauty
and truth emerges
summoned by deceit
complete abandonment
but not all is lost
love stalks me

Monday, October 19, 2009

Come Within Reach...

so my whispers can be received
by the small of your back
allowing my secrets to hover
with sweet intention
in that space between
your pulse and my lips
raising each delicate hair
with wisps of curiosity
and holding your breath
as each nodule of your spine
begs for my attention
and I will breathe into you
through the nape of your neck
sending each vibration
deeper than touch
and triggering all other sensations
off cue
come within reach
so I can confide in you
through silence
never having to explain
or answer any question
your body understands
my reason
is none other
in this moment
than you