Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How personal is your personal growth?

Are your goals and personal expectations based on your dreams, or based on what you know will please and/or impress others?

I have been a victim of, and have watched others consume themselves with trying to obtain goals that do not reflect who they/we are as individuals. Is this because of circumstance and responsibility, or inability to be true to thy self?

Few are fortunate to live life exactly as they would like; including career, family, home, etc. If you could live exaclty as you wish, what would differ from how your life is today? Is it possible to live that life?


  1. what does living a life as one "would truly like" look like? I feel as though life will be forever circumstantial. what are dreams in the here and now if they are not circumstantial? the only other "world" that exits is the world of faith, and that in itself is never solely separate from circumstance. never separate from reality. we do the best with what we have at the time...which is often and understandably influenced by others and circumstance.

    one's life journey is not so much fulfilling one's own "life," though understanding oneself and being true to oneself is of undying importance, but rather fulfilling that which makes sense in the realm of the beings involved in their lives. we are social beings and thus must surround ourselves with other beings while staying true to ourselves. never an easy task but perhaps the task of life?

    i think people make our "meaning." people keep our existence and our search for the "life that we want to live" alive...and if those people alter our perception or reality of that "life" so be it. they are what life is all about. connection. something deeper than ourselves.

  2. The lyrics to Jill's song Let It Be made me realize how much I used to try to fit roles that other ppl thought I should. I'm being super selfish these days, trying to make up for lost time and progress to a level of comfort.