Monday, May 18, 2009

I Am Blank...

stuck in a warped feeling of none
at ease with the in's and out's
without passion
It's dry and I'm thirsty
taunted by the wasted moisture
dripping on the outside of my glass
I'm blank
listening to reoccurring echos of static
begging love to provoke me
for hurt to hold me
long enough to feel...
Instead, I'm looking for myself on old pages
words that became my emotions
and escaped through my pen
never to be felt so deeply again
I'm blank

Friday, May 8, 2009

It Haunts You...

the way I use to
look at you
the nights when I would
scream for you
breathing softly on that spot while you
caressed me
and now you linger in thought
begging for a clear picture
of what once was...
we were
and it haunts you
the way I would smile
when you walked through the door
sun, moon and stars
words of passion would slip through my hands
when I reached for you
butterflies and coy glances
does it hurt you now
to close your eyes
and be surrounded in memory
haunted by me
time fades in fractions
but today you still feel
each curve of my body
the comfort of my voice
my words
my lips
my kiss
and it haunts you

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Kind Of...

and sort of
teetering between
there and limbo
I'm almost
in love
and not quite
in like
but possibly
I'm uncertain
of what I want
and perhaps
I already have it
most likely
I'm not sure
I'll find the answers
I could be
asking the wrong questions
but probably not
absolutely undecided

Insert your own:
I'm kind of...and sort of...teetering between there and limbo...I'm almost...and not quite...but possibly stuck...I'm uncertain...and perhaps...most likely...maybe...I could be...but probably not