Saturday, October 1, 2011


Relationships, like all situations in life, offer opportunities to learn and grow. Sometimes the lessons are wrapped in petals, and other times the lessons seem to be all thorns. Either way, the most important element is choice - our choice to bloom, or wilt.

Recently I was told that we are entitled to walk away from relationships, guilt free, if we recognize the lessons within them. The choice is ours – it is our contract, and we say when it has been fulfilled. On the other hand, it may be the other person who wants to end the contract. Let them. Regardless of which side it has ended on…if it has ended, it has ended. See the lessons, and be thankful for whatever you learned. You have grown.

Love will undoubtedly linger, as it should – it doesn’t die, or adhere to direction.

Stay or go; we should act in love, always.

If what is being thrown at us isn’t loving, or we are not acting in love – back up. Be honest in your evaluation of the situation. Does your contract need to be altered, or has it reached its end? Were the lessons for you, or them – or both? We know in our hearts when a situation isn’t “good” for us. We know when we’re being unkind, simply because we have outgrown the situation. We know when it’s over.

Sometimes ‘goodbye’ is the loving thing to say.

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